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    The last US factory was shut down in 1968. We want to change that! We are bringing back something classic, a true blast from the past. Only this time we have upgraded it and redesigned it into a product the 21st century is ready for. Our mission is to regain the glory of the world’s number one watchmakers!
    We welcome you with open arms into the unique experience of watchmaking! As a proud member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, we have invested all our blood, sweat, and tears to make something special just for you. With the highest quality and standards set, we promise you a one-of-a-kind design -MAXTORY EXTREME- for the people who help this dream come true.
    You are a part of our success story. Once you take the step to come forward and help us, you will get a platinum membership, which gives you an exclusive right to own watches that have not yet been released to the public.  That’s not all. We will also give you a 15% lifetime discount on all our watches as our most devoted members.  The funds we raise will be used to help jump-start the watchmaking business.
    You will be honored in history as one of the people who have helped the American watch production rise to the world number one again. We will honor you with a special page dedicated to our investors and backers, as the people who believe in American watchmaking. Thank you and see you at the grand opening.
MAXTORY An American Watch Company